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Career Management Platform for Professionals and Career Connectivity™

No one ever said you were supposed to know what comes next. Workfluence doubles down for you and does the hard work by analyzing every career move you’ve made in the past to make future career moves a whole lot easier, and transparent.

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Our Technology

You dream it. We build it. You grow it.

We take your professional history, your short term and long term career goals, and use artificial intelligence to create an interactive and dynamic experience that outlines your next and future steps. We monitor market and industry trends and make career recommendations to help keep get ahead and stay ahead. Workfluence also will adjust its recommended strategy based on the market and your individual career growth, specific needs, and desired outcome.

Your career map is always up to date and can help you achieve your goals.

By spending your time on high impact moves, you’re able to improve your career performance, trajectory and ultimately grow professionally with confidence.

Workfluence is slated to be incredibly empowering for individuals and beneficial for employers looking to grow and retain their people with intention while never losing sight of their employees long term goals.

Adrienne Berry

Founder, CEO of Workfluence

Product features

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Career Pathing

You don’t have time for detours when you’re navigating your way to the top. Your AI-powered career map lets you know the hows and whens of killin’ it in your career. We will also update your path based on your developing skillset and the most current market needs and trends.

Learning + Development

Workfluence recommends the best learning and development opportunities to help advance you professionally and keep you ahead of market trends specific your industry.

Resume Optimization + Auto-Syncing

Elevate your professional content with Workfluence. We use artificial intelligence to help you craft the perfect resume. We also enable you to apply to multiple jobs at once — no more marathon application sessions.

Career Data + Analytics

Workfluence provides easy-to-understand metrics and analytics so you understand salary and market trends. We will show how to stack up against your peers and where and how you can improve. 

Power Profile

Maintain your resumes. Share your content. Showcase your work. Express your interests. Expand your network.

The more you share, the easier it becomes for everyone to know what you’re made of.

RSS Feed + Companies

Cut out the noise and save your time. Receive relevant industry news and trends you care about through a curated newsfeed. We’ll keep an ear out for must-know information and send them your way. 

Who we are for

A Path for Every Purpose

We’ve worked to cover professionals across every stage in their career looking for tangible next steps and adaptable action plans. 

New Grads

Recent college grads and post graduates students looking for additional support

Career Changers

Individuals who want to move into a different field or industry and want more transparency and tactics to action on making a career transition


Individuals who have reached the middle of their careers and are looking for a boost to overcome or propel their career growth and progression

Ambitious Professionals

Anyone interested in making meaningful forward movement professionally